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A Horne Family Business for Nearly 50 Years

Keeler’s Bay Variety Store was purchased by Mark and Gail Horne in 1974. New parents barely in their twenties, they decided the small town of South Hero was the perfect place to operate a country store and raise a family.

At that time, the population of South Hero was merely 1000 people. By 2021 the population had grown to more than 1700. Over the years, KBV has grown with the Champlain Islands, and has proven to be a supportive community member and valuable asset offering fresh and local food at competitive prices.

KBV has been first in customer service since the day they opened their doors. After nearly 50 years, Mark and Gail are still there to greet and serve people. Keeler’s Bay Variety values their customers, simply put it’s what makes KBV stand above the rest!

Mark and Gail Horne inside KBV Store
Wendy Horne with her parents in the store

Wendy Horne, Co-Owner & Store Manager

Wendy grew up helping out at Keeler’s Bay Variety Store. After studying human services in college with a concentration on mental health, and a brief career at a counseling and support service center in St Albans, Wendy and her family returned to KBV to learn the ins and outs of the business. With customer service at the forefront of her mind, she is now a co-owner as well as the store manager. Wendy plans to assume full ownership in the coming years and keep the business in the family for many more years to come!

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