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More than a country store might offer, KBV carries a large selection of wine to suit most tastes and budgets. We stock the classics like Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Rose from California to France. You’ll also find craft wines from the islands such as Snow White (a fruity Pinot Grigio), Vermont Marquette and Crescent Bay Red produced locally by Snow Farm Vineyard in South Hero. We also carry magnums and boxed wines.

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“Yup, Yup. We do that.” Roger Gibbons, KBV Beverage Department Head

A selection of non-alcoholic beer
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Various wines including red, rose, and white
Vermont made beer

KBV Caters to Craft Beer Lovers!

Whether you are craft beer fan or are looking for a domestic brew, Keeler’s Bay Variety has a sizable selection of Vermont brews and beers from the good ole USA. Independent small craft breweries have become very popular in Vermont and KBV offers nearly 20 different brands, some brewed right here in the islands like Two Heroes Brewery in South Hero and Kraemer & Kin in Alburgh. Come on in and see the selection for yourself.

A Fan of Domestic Beers — We’ve Got Your Brand

If you’re looking for the big brewery brands, we’ve got them “all”. KBV’s spacious “Beer Cave” is full different beer styles. We stock more than 15 domestic and light domestic beers from Heineken, Michelob, Labatt Blue, Samuel Adams to Bud and Coors Light, plus a selection of non-alcoholic beer.

Domestic beer in the cooler
KBV nono-alcoholic wine and mixers

Looking for Non-Alcoholic Beer & Wine?

With the increased popularity of and demand for alcoholic free- beverages, KBV offers a good selection to choose from. (Note these items are subject to change).

Athletic Brewing, Budweiser Zero, Busch NA, Clausthler, Coors Edge, Corona, Guiness Zero, Heineken, Industrial Arts Safety Glasses NA, Labatt Blue, Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher, O’Doul’s, Rescue Club, and St. Pauli Girl NA.

FRE Chardonnay, Red Blend, and Sparkling Brut Blanc, White, and Red

Craft Cider & Hard Seltzer

If wine or beer isn’t your thing, KBV carries an array of craft hard cider brands such as Champlain Orchards, Shacksbury Cider, Citizen Cider, and Stowe Cider. You’ll also find hard seltzers made by White Claw, High Noon, Flying Embers, and Vermont Hard Seltzer.

More of a hard alcohol fan, we’ve got you covered. KBV is the Champlain Islands largest liquor store, check out our 802 Spirits page.

Craft ciders in the cooler
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